Helpful Information for Parents

PineTree GIFDrop-Off Day

Drop-off days, the first day of each session, are Sundays. Check in will be open from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM each session. At this time, parents will have the opportunity to meet your sons' counseling staff, and ask questions of our Health team or kitchen staff if necessary. Our staff will be available to help each camper find their cabin and get their gear where it needs to be. We also have our Waterfront open for our lifeguards to oversee camper swim tests.

It is ideal to arrive at Camp between 2:00 and 4:00 to allow enough time to get your camper settled in and ready to get started on a great time at New England Frontier Camp! If you cannot arrive during this window, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate check-in at another time.

Helpful Tip: Feel free to stay and watch your camper as they get settled in, but be sure not to prolong the drop-off. Campers always better adjust to the environment quickly when they feel their parents are comfortable leaving. Extended oversight at drop-off tends to make campers feel that Mom or Dad are not comfortable leaving, which in turn leaves them uncomfortable.  Get them settled in, give them a hug and some encouragement, and trust our well trained staff to make their experience a fantastic one!


PineTree GIFPick-Up Day

Pick-up days, the last day of each session, are Saturdays. Check out will be from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM each session. At this time, parents will have the opportunity to again talk with your campers' counseling staff, and talk about how their time at camp went. If you cannot arrive during this window, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate check-out at another time and assign staff to monitor your camper until you arrive.

Our Health team will return any medications or health concerns with you, and the Camp Store will be open so you can close out any unused funds..or to buy that one last candy bar for the trip home!

We will have any unclaimed clothing or items laid out so you can be sure no clothing is left behind.

It is ideal to arrive at Camp as close to 9:00 AM as possible so you can see the reactions to the end-of-week video and any special events that might be going on.

PineTree GIFPacking Lists

Upon registration, you will receive a complete list by email of suggested clothing, bunk gear, and "stuff" to bring to Camp. We will also include a list of things to leave at home (pocket knives, phones, etc.) and ask that you help ensure your camper follows these guidelines.

PineTree GIFOur Staff

We work dilligently to be sure that our people are with us becuase they truly love working with youth and enjoy serving. All of our staff have been screened, verified, and chosen based on a selection process that involves an in-depth application, at least three personal references plus a Pastoral recommendation and reference. We utilize impartial third-party background checks to ensure our applicants are the right people for our ministry. Our program staff complete training prior to the start of camp related to providing a high level of care and safety for all our campers. Much of our staff is typically are recruited from home churches, schools, or were previous campers with a good history at NEFC. They have all committed their lives to Christ, and are here to serve God through NEFC and this ministry.

PineTree GIFSupervision, Health, & Safety

Our well trained and screened staff ensure our campers are under supervision at all times.  Our overall ratio is better than one staff member for three campers. Campers participate in activities throughout the day with their cabin group or with assigned leaders during skill sessions or group activities. During "Free time", all campers are supervised by staff as they participate in activities of their choice.

On the first day of each session at NEFC, your camper will go through a Camp orientation explaining everything they will need to know to have a safe and fun time with us at Frontier Camp.

Over 90% of our Program staff is Red Cross trained in first aid and lifeguarding. We also include Red Cross first aid training for most of our kitchen and support staff as well.

All areas of activity, vehicles, and equipment are properly marked and regularly inspected for safety. All marksmanship, airsoft, and archery equipment is locked when not in use with staff supervision.

Each session, we have at least one Health Team member on camp property at all times manning our Health Lodge. Our Health Staff will administer any daily medications that your camper requires, as well as assess illness or injury that might occur. Our Health Team staff are selected for their medical skills as well as their commitment to providing a caring environment to all our campers. Parents or emergency contacts will be notified in the event of serious illness or injury.

PineTree GIFCabins

Your Camper will be in a cabin group with typically 7 other boys in their age group and at least two trained camp counselors, giving a minimum ratio of 4 campers to each counselor. Our bunk beds have twin sized non-allergenic foam mattresses with vinyl covers. Campers must provide their own sleeping bags and pillows, and a fitted twin sized cotton or polyester mattress cover is recommended for comfort. Our cabins are rustic, with no electricity or running water. Individual shower stalls, sinks, and toilets are located in latrine facilities that are very closely located to the cabins.

PineTree GIFMeals

At New England Frontier Camp, we put tremendous effort into ensuring that our campers will be well fed with hearty and nutricious food that they enjoy! Our kitchen is run according to all state and federal guidelines by ServSafe® certified staff.

If your camper has food allergies, Be sure to note them on his Health Form and our Health and Kitchen staffs will will work with you to ensure that we prepare a menu that fits his needs.  We have experience with a wide variety of dietary restrictions and are well prepared to see that this doesn't prevent anyone from having a great time with us!

PineTree GIFCamper Communication & Homesickness

Homesickness is not uncommon among campers of all ages, but is rarely beyond our ability to overcome. At New England Frontier Camp, we work to encourage our campers to overcome the things they struggle with, including feelings of homesickness. However, we do not want to prevent communication between Campers and their family. Our time-tested formula has proven that homesickness can be prevented or reduced by following a few simple principles. If a camper is asking to call home, we will accommodate this request, usually immediately following a meal. Again, we encourage campers that are struggling, and have a tremendous success rate with keeping them happy!

Parents and family are encouraged to write to their campers. Mail is "delivered" to campers during meal time. This allows our staff to monitor facial expressions and behavior for signs of homesickness and act appropriately to keep all our campers upbeat and happy.

To plan appropriately for rural mail delivery delays, you might consider mailing early (possibly even before they leave home) to ensure timely delivery. Mail from most New England locations typically takes at least three days to reach us.

Many parents write notes or letters in advance, and leave them with us at Check-in. We will be sure to hand out each piece of "mail" during meal times.

In the event of an emergency, or if there is an urgent need to speak with your camper, do not hesitate to call by phone at any time, 24 hours a day.

NEFC Main Line - (207)925-6735

If there is an urgent (non-emergency) need to speak with them, the best times to telephone is during meals (8:30AM - 9:00AM, 12:45PM - 1:15PM, and 6:00PM - 6:45PM) when they are in the dining hall. Please use this option only when absolutely necessary.

PineTree GIFNeed more information?

Please email with your questions, we will be glad to answer them!


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